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Your Wedding Reception FAQ

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The following questions from clients are among the most frequently asked questions that our office receives. We strongly recommend that clients get all answers to these questions in writing to prevent misunderstandings.


 "How much do you charge/how much is overtime?"

Our fee is determined by a number of factors, including music time/location of event/music equipment required. 


 "Will your DJ act as our Master of Ceremonies?"

We often refer to the DJ as your "party host". He is able to use his professional experience to make announcements and act as a "Master of Ceremonies" to coordinate events.


"Will your DJ accept our song requests?"

Per our contract, the DJ will "Select a wide variety of music, and receive requests from both the client and guests. The client is invited to provide additional music not included in our DJ Sound Entertainment Music List. We can access any song at a moments notice.


"Do you have any references?"

Yes!! You are even welcome to contact some of the people we have served and look at our array of letters and cards from people who we have served. You can also click here to check out cards and letters from satisfied customers.


"Can we meet with you?"

Yes you can meet with J.T. at the office in Ocean View, Delaware, or at the venue of your event. Just call or e-mail. 


 "What makes your DJ company different from  others?"

In addition to providing an experienced DJ (JT) who can act as a Master of Ceremonies to coordinate all events, wear a tuxedo (when appropriate), and play a wide variety of music (including requests) we feature:

* Over 20 years experience at thousands of successful events.

*The latest technology in sound equipment and DJ software

* Last year, over 75% of our Clients contacted our office after seeing us at an event, or were referred by a friend or other wedding/party professional (caterer, photographer, videographer, event planner, etc.).

*Fast response on E-mail 

*Social Media

* Web Site.

*Our office is regularly asked to recommend vendors to wedding/party planners. We enthusiastically offer referrals to these people on the telephone, in personal conversations, and at our events. It is our office policy to neither offer or receive money in exchange for referrals. We prefer to enjoy the good will that is created by the free exchange of vendor recommendations. We also recognize that the more referrals we give, the more we will probably receive.

 "How can you make our event more successful?"

Given half a chance, any wedding reception or other social event can be really fun! We strongly recommend that newlyweds-to-be and other event planners select qualified vendors (caterer, photographer, disc jockey), etc.) who can work well with each other...and then trust them to do what they know how to do.

All vendors rely and appreciate suggestions from their clients. But please, don't tie their hands behind their backs by trying to micro-manage minutae! Offer your vendors as much information as necessary to make your expectations clearly known. Then, trust your party pros to know how to make your wishes come true. That's why you hired them!

"How can we have a more fun party?"

Probably our number one piece of advice for a Bride & Groom or event planner is to prioritize having fun over everything needing to be perfect. Those individuals who determine before their event that they are going to enjoy themselves regardless what happens are going to have a good time! Conversely, those people who prefer to carefully control each element of their event are destined to be disappointed. Something unexpected is bound to happen!


"New Age, Old School, Modern Rock, Classic Hits, do you know what kind of music to bring to play at an event?"

You forgot to mention High Energy, Sound of Phili, Bluegrass, Chicago House, Gangster Rap, Techno, Rave, Club, Ska, Hip Hop, Industrial, East Coast Swing, Shag, Calypso, Alternative, Steel Drum, Speed Metal, Gregorian Chants, and about 101 different types of line addition to the more popular Top 40, Easy Listening, Country, R & B, Motown, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Disco, Oldies, Big Band, Waltz, Show Tunes, Cha Cha, Polka, Salsa, Cumbia, Banda, Ethnic, and audience participation songs that we are accustomed to playing!


Actually, it's our clients who have educated us to know what music to include in our music library. They are the people who first introduced us to many of the types of music listed above with their eclectic variety of requests.

"Why do you recommend that clients schedule overtime in advance if they have an afternoon event?"

Availability, availability, availability.

In order to keep prices down, many wedding/party professionals such as hotels and restaurants, photographers, videographers, caterers, and music entertainers look forward to scheduling two events on the same day.

If a client thinks that their afternoon event might go longer than originally planned, they should first check with their catering director or banquet coordinator to insure that their banquet room is available for extended hours, and that there is not another event scheduled later that evening. It is also recommended that they ask their other wedding/party professionals if overtime will be possible.

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